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Exciting new releases and a brand new website – JIsland Records finding their groove!


In an exhilarating collaboration between JIsland Records, Blue Pie Records, and Ordior, we are proud to announce the groundbreaking achievements of JIsland Records in the reggae music industry. With their brand new sleek website that caters to every reggae fan’s needs, JIsland is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with. Have a browse of the new website!

The recent partnership between JIsland and Blue Pie Records has already yielded remarkable results, showcasing the incredible talent and artistry within the reggae community. Four recent releases have recently gotten attention in the Blue Pie new release headlines, so given the recent success, it’s only fitting that we go through a little retrospective!

One of the most highly anticipated releases from JIsland is Zero1’s 12-track album, “Conscious Reggae Music.” From the moment it hit the airwaves, this album has been making waves throughout the music industry. Zero1’s exceptional musicality and thought-provoking lyrics have captivated listeners, solidifying their position as a reggae powerhouse.

The collaboration between Jamaica-born reggae artist Mr Davis and the multi-talented music artist and dancer Chi Ching Ching has taken the music world by storm. Their hit single, “Work It,” released in 2022, has rapidly gained popularity in the dancehall and reggae communities. The infectious rhythm and energetic vibe of the song have made it an instant favorite among fans worldwide.

Prepare yourself for an unparalleled musical journey to Mount Zion with Dred I Dread’s latest hit, now available exclusively through the esteemed JIsland Records, in partnership with Blue Pie. Hailing from Minnesota, this incredibly talented band is ready to take you on a reggae adventure like no other. With their powerful vocals and soulful lyrics, Dred I Dread is set to leave an indelible mark on the reggae genre. Breaking away from their previous releases, Dred I Dread is fully embracing their Jamaican roots, ensuring that their passion shines through in their newest offering. By venturing into the reggae genre with determination, Dred I Dread aims to shed the image of just another band from the American Midwest, cementing their status as genuine reggae trailblazers.

Adding to the impressive lineup, JIsland Records presents the exceptional collaboration of songwriters Peter Jackson, Jason Andrew Williams, Tyrone Davis, Omar Facey, and Kirklan Alexander Gordon. Together, they have created the captivating compilation “Bussout Riddim,” featuring five phenomenal Afrobeat performers from the JIsland roster. Respectively, the tracks “Doctor Miami,” “Love the Way,” “How You so Greedy,” “Da Body Deh,” and “Real Ole G” showcase the artistic talents of Galaxy P, Don Yute, Mr Davis, Elli Hekima, and Red Tafya. The fusion of these remarkable artists’ skills results in a collection of tracks that will undoubtedly captivate audiences worldwide. With each song representing a unique expression of talent and creativity, “Bussout Riddim” solidifies JIsland Records’ dedication to showcasing the very best in reggae and Afrobeat music.

As partners of JIsland Records, Blue Pie Records and Ordior are extremely excited about the noteworthy niche the label has carved out in the music industry. The warm embrace and support from the reggae community are a testament to the talent and dedication found within JIsland Records. Looking ahead, both Blue Pie and Ordior are dedicated to offering steadfast support and efficient management of the rights and intellectual property linked to JIsland’s exceptional artists. Additionally, they are committed to ensuring excellent distribution of their music and related content to maximize their reach and impact.

The future looks incredibly bright for JIsland Records, with their recent releases establishing them as a formidable presence in the reggae music scene. With their exceptional talent, passion for music, and strong industry partnerships, JIsland Records is poised to leave an everlasting imprint on the global music landscape.

Check out their brand new website down below and enjoy vibing to the best reggae on the planet until next time!

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