About Us

Corporate Overview

Blue Vault Digital provides B2B digital asset management services.

Blue Vault Digital is a rights-holding company. Through Blue Vault Digital we:

  • acquire and manage music catalogues, licensing the IP to promote and value-add;
  • acquire and manage property assets.

Business to Business

Blue Vault Digital provides B2B digital entertainment services to our customers. We allow our clients to operate stand-alone digital music stores, branded music TV platforms and mobile streaming services. It’s all about branding and creating the tools for our clients to reward and engage with their customers using digital entertainment content.

Blue Vault Digital and its partners have access to over ten million songs across 30 genres. The catalogue includes music from major labels, leading aggregators, and over 400 independent labels with a twenty-thousand-strong music video catalogue also available for license.

Our music TV shows include:


Blue Vault Digital represents an ever-growing pool of labels and other content owners. As our global representation spreads so does the enhancement of our digital content library.


Blue Vault Digital provides our customers with a full-featured, stand-alone digital entertainment store that can be adapted to reflect your organisation’s brand and identity.

Store customers will be able to buy digital music a la carte or as part of a subscription service either by digital download or streaming. Our customers are able to enjoy the best in music discovery, from music editorial and professional playlists to advanced search and browse capabilities.

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